Priyanka Borpujari

Priyanka Borpujari

Journalist | Photographer

Reporting on human rights & everything in between. 2016 IWMF Adelante Fellow to El Salvador. 2015 IMC Medienbotschafter Indien-Deutschland. 2012-2013 IWMF Elizabeth Neuffer Fellow.

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The Caravan

Pedals to the Metal

The grassroots activists behind El Salvador’s recent mining ban.

News Deeply

India’s 20-Week Abortion Limit Questioned After Birth of Unwanted Baby

After India’s Supreme Court rejected a Mumbai woman’s plea to be granted an abortion beyond the legal cutoff, she gave birth to a severely disabled baby. The case has reignited calls for the adoption of long-proposed changes to this law.

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The Hindu

Bulldozer in the Ring - The Abandoned Slum Dwellers of Mumbai

Demolitions over the decades have thrown slum dwellers’ lives into disarray. The city needs them but has abandoned them, with half-hearted rehabilitation, policies that bypass them and a politician-builder nexus.

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News Deeply

Indonesia Enlists Female Clerics in the Fight against Extremism

As more women become involved in violent extremism, Indonesia has embraced a new weapon in the fight against radicalization: its first recognized cohort of female Muslim clerics.

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News Deeply

In Indonesia, Female Clerics Seek Recognition and Rights for Women

Women “ulama” – Muslim clerics – recently held their first ever national gathering in West Java. The goal was twofold: to gain recognition for women religious scholars, and to advance women’s rights by sharing their interpretation of Islamic texts.

The Hindu

Zakir Naik’s Growing Clout in Indonesia

Islamic preachers like Zakir Naik become a crucial lever in Indonesia’s politics as hardline parties and politicians seek their support to influence public opinion.

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The Hindu

A Sweeping Victory

In a 10-year-old case involving 2,700 contract sanitation workers, the Supreme Court ruled that they would be made employees of the BMC. But there is a lot more to do before the lives of all the workers improve.

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Can This Music Be a Force for Good?

"There are boys with guns, and there are boys with drums."
In gang-ravaged El Salvador, a percussion style of music is giving teens a shot at a better future.

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Pacific Standard

Finding the American Dream in El Salvador

For the families of El Salvadoran immigrants, staying behind in their home countries can lead to a different sort of American Dream.

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El Salvador Youths Find Identity in Community Radio Instead of Gangs

Gang warfare is endemic in the country, but working in community radio can give young people the confidence and sense of purpose to find a way out of the violence.

The Campaign Behind the Release of the "Mandela of Latin America"

TRT World speaks with the brother of Oscar López Rivera about the international campaign that successfully lobbied Obama to commute the sentence of one of the longest serving political prisoners in the world.

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News Deeply

The Salvadoran Ex-Guerilla Who Learned to Read to Stop Corporate Mining

During El Salvador’s decade-long civil war, Maria Lidia Guardado was cooking for guerilla forces. Fifteen years later, she was educating herself so that she could lead a nonviolent campaign to protect local farmland from mining companies.

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The Guardian

How Can Safety Apps For Women Curb Sexual Assaults In India?

Most women who have emergency alarms on their phones never used them, reflecting the limitations of tech-based solutions without real-world advocacy.

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The Hindu

Laying Bare the Atrocities of Security Forces in Chhattisgarh

“Police and security personnel took turns squeezing our breasts, pinching our nipples, touching me on my stomach, back, and thighs. They laughed mockingly as they did this.”

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The Hindu

'The joke is on us if we cannot read data'

Award-winning investigative reporter and database editor Brant Houston talks about how data journalism builds credibility.