Priyanka Borpujari

Priyanka Borpujari

Journalist | Photographer

Reporting on human rights & everything in between. 2016 IWMF Adelante Fellow to El Salvador. 2015 IMC Medienbotschafter Indien-Deutschland. 2012-2013 IWMF Elizabeth Neuffer Fellow.

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India’s 20-Week Abortion Limit Questioned After Birth of Unwanted Baby

After India’s Supreme Court rejected a Mumbai woman’s plea to be granted an abortion beyond the legal cutoff, she gave birth to a severely disabled baby. The case has reignited calls for the adoption of long-proposed changes to this law.

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Indonesia Enlists Female Clerics in the Fight against Extremism

As more women become involved in violent extremism, Indonesia has embraced a new weapon in the fight against radicalization: its first recognized cohort of female Muslim clerics.

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In Indonesia, Female Clerics Seek Recognition and Rights for Women

Women “ulama” – Muslim clerics – recently held their first ever national gathering in West Java. The goal was twofold: to gain recognition for women religious scholars, and to advance women’s rights by sharing their interpretation of Islamic texts.

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The Salvadoran Ex-Guerilla Who Learned to Read to Stop Corporate Mining

During El Salvador’s decade-long civil war, Maria Lidia Guardado was cooking for guerilla forces. Fifteen years later, she was educating herself so that she could lead a nonviolent campaign to protect local farmland from mining companies.