Priyanka Borpujari

Priyanka Borpujari

Journalist | Photographer

Reporting on human rights & everything in between. 2016 IWMF Adelante Fellow to El Salvador. 2015 IMC Medienbotschafter Indien-Deutschland. 2012-2013 IWMF Elizabeth Neuffer Fellow.

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The Hindu

Zakir Naik’s Growing Clout in Indonesia

Islamic preachers like Zakir Naik become a crucial lever in Indonesia’s politics as hardline parties and politicians seek their support to influence public opinion.

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The Hindu

A Sweeping Victory

In a 10-year-old case involving 2,700 contract sanitation workers, the Supreme Court ruled that they would be made employees of the BMC. But there is a lot more to do before the lives of all the workers improve.

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The Hindu

Laying Bare the Atrocities of Security Forces in Chhattisgarh

“Police and security personnel took turns squeezing our breasts, pinching our nipples, touching me on my stomach, back, and thighs. They laughed mockingly as they did this.”

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The Hindu

'The joke is on us if we cannot read data'

Award-winning investigative reporter and database editor Brant Houston talks about how data journalism builds credibility.

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The Hindu

Little Women, Big Goals

Bright jerseys, hijabs, radiant smiles and breathless excitement on a suburban playground provide the background for 'Under The Open Sky' to tell the tale of Mumbra’s football-playing girls

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The Hindu

Who’s Afraid Of A Good Drought?

From never stepping outdoors to riding a scooter across villages, women are dramatically calling the shots in Maharashtra’s Nagpur district.

The Hindu

Finding The Common Spaces Between Religions

Prof. Imtiaz Yusuf, Director of the Center for Buddhist-Muslim Understanding in the College of Religious Studies at Thailand’s Mahidol University, says violent elements giving Islam a bad name but Buddhists have been violent too.

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The Hindu

The Feminist Who Believes in Fun

Activist-writer Kamla Bhasin had a young audience laughing while making serious points.

The Hindu

Shooting For A Revolution In Bastar

Lingaram Kodopi, a journalist based in Chhattisgarh’s Maoist-infested Bastar district, was jailed in 2009 for protesting alleged excesses on tribals by the security forces. The 29-year-old speaks on what it means to be an adivasi journalist in Bastar, and why his camera is his weapon for a revolution.

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The Hindu

Dignity in a bag - The Hindu

Dignity in a bag - The Hindu

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The Hindu

A film with a difference - The Hindu

A review of Anand Patwardhan's latest documentary 'Jai Bhim Comrade'

The Hindu

Dignity in a bag

Everyday, Bebitai Mohite sifts through garbage bins of about 100 homes of Pune, segregating waste. She often injures her hand from pins and glass pieces. But the worst form of waste, 48-year-old Bebit...

The Hindu

A film with a difference

On January 9, in the bylanes of Byculla's BIT Chawl, a documentary was premiered after sundown. A huge white screen ensured that people from the three-storeyed buildings nearby could also view the fi...