Priyanka Borpujari

Priyanka Borpujari

Journalist | Photographer

Reporting on human rights & everything in between. 2016 IWMF Adelante Fellow to El Salvador. 2015 IMC Medienbotschafter Indien-Deutschland. 2012-2013 IWMF Elizabeth Neuffer Fellow.

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Meet Stellan Vinthagen

Stellan Vinthagen has been appointed head of the first university program on civil resistance.

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Homecoming, almost - Waging Nonviolence

An Indian journalist who spent the past year abroad returns home only to find herself and her country in the midst of a crisis....

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Defiance in the Ganges - Waging Nonviolence

Type “dalit” into Google News, and you will be flooded with gory reports from across India of women from this supposedly lower caste being raped and murdered, of men being hacked to death. In the northern state of Haryana alone, over two dozen dalit girls and women have been raped...

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In India, upstart anti-corruption party pushed the establishment - Waging Nonviolence

The headlines about a “sweeping victory” in India ignored how the election was pushed and transformed by contender Arvind Kejriwal of the Aam Aadmi Party....

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Where are the women? - Waging Nonviolence

Well, the last I’ve checked, they’re pretty much in the front lines of civil resistance struggles in Bahrain and Yemen. They were strong and present in Egypt, and they’re sprouting publicly and over the World Wide Web in larger numbers in Libya, Syria and Saudi Arabia. Unlike many others, I...

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Where Gene Sharp departed from Gandhi — and where it leaves us - Waging Nonviolence

There is something of a genre of critique, one sometimes lobbed at Waging Nonviolence, which considers the discourse of nonviolence to be wholly subservient to the U.S. foreign policy interests, and/or the CIA specifically. It’s a line of attack that has generally baffled us, since anything worthy of the name...